The Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts Board of Directors announces that nominations are now being accepted for membership on the Board.  Board terms are three years in length.  Nominees need not be ILAPSC members, but they must be engaged in some manner with an Illinois Problem-Solving Court in order to be considered.

Nominations must be submitted electronically by emailing

The nominator must provide a letter of nomination and recommendation for the Board which shall include why the nominee is being nominated and a statement explaining how the nominee will make an active contribution to the Board.  A resume or brief biographical sketch of the nominee shall also be attached.  Please submit the required documents in Microsoft Word or as a pdf.

The Nominating Committee will review submissions and make recommendations to the Board.

Nominees chosen by the Board will be placed on the ballot at the Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Court Conference occurring October 18-20, 2023.

For more information about the Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts or this nomination, please visit the website at