Nominations for The Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts’ Board of Directors will be accepted on a continuing basis. Board terms are three years in length. Nominees need not be ILAPSC members, but they must be associated with a particular Problem-Solving Court or the Problem-Solving Court movement in Illinois.

Nominations must be submitted electronically by emailing,

A nomination must include:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the person nominating the nominee, including statements as to why the nominee is being nominated and explaining how the nominee will make an active contribution to the Board;
  2. A statement from the nominee as to why the nominee wishes to be a member of the Board; and
  3. A resume or brief biographical sketch of the nominee.

Please submit the required documents in Microsoft Word or as a PDF.

The Nominating Committee will review submissions and make recommendations to the Board.

***Please be aware that the ILAPSC Bylaws allow no more than 24 Board members. Further when selecting Board members, the Board must consider the geographical diversity and professional role of the nominee with regard to a Problem-Solving Court. Because of these restrictions, some nominees may not be admitted to the Board in some years, even if qualified. We hope that this will not discourage people from applying more than once since, terms are for three years and people do resign from the Board for other reasons. Thus a person not accepted in one year might end up being the person fitting our needs the next year.